Ages 3-5
Integrates rhythm with large motor skills, using a variety of props, imagination and creative movement. Dancers learn selected ballet positions and sequencing of steps in a challenging and always fun-filled curriculum. An introduction to French dance vocabulary at this level is developed further in the K-1 ballet class.
– 30-minute class


K-Grade 1
Develops greater knowledge of ballet terminology and technique, while allowing dancers to experience the excitement of jumps, leaps and turns while incorporating a variety of imagination activities.
– 1-hour class


Grade 2 and up
Provides the perfect foundation for all genres of dance by using instruction in proper ballet technique and French terminology to develop body awareness, poise and confidence. Contrary to many pedestrian perceptions, ballet is not always slow, and never boring. Leaps, turns, floor patterns and props help make this class creative and exhilarating.
– 1-hour class


By instructor recommendation only
Gives the serious ballet student the necessary training for beginning to dance en pointe. Pointe work is performed using specially designed hard-toed, stiff-shanked pointe shoes, and requires great strength and skill. Pre-pointe classes meet twice weekly in order to fully explore proper placement and technique, and to insure strong, supple body development.
– 1-hour class, twice weekly


Allows advanced students who have completed pre-pointe to further develop the skills, technique and body strength necessary for dancing en pointe.
– 90-minute class, twice weekly

Jazz/Hip-Hop/Theatre Jazz

Uses technique and placement to teach these very stylized forms of dance, while also incorporating the variety of movements that make each form unique – movements taken from the Broadway stage, from urban street life, even from African tribal dances.
– 1-hour class


Ages 5+
Helps develop coordination while creating interesting rhythmic sounds with the feet. While ballet often helps tap dancers with balance and weight change, tap also helps ballet and jazz dancers hear rhythms and music more completely.
– 1-hour class


Teaches the skills and technique required for this expressive form of dance, which displays “emotion in motion” through opposing forces like contract-and-release or rising-and-falling. Students explore spatial awareness, floorwork patterns, and concepts of dynamics in movement.
– 1-hour class

Adult Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical or Yoga

Provides instruction for beginning-level adults, as well as adults with previous training, even those who may have danced for years.
– 1-hour class


Incorporates the stretch, strength, and relaxation of yoga through fluid, soothing movement.
– 1-hour class

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