About Us

The Dancer’s Pointe sets the stage for a positive atmosphere of learning for dancers of all ages – from pre-school to pre-professional. We offer a variety of classes for the very young, intermediate, and maturing dancers. We strive to help students realize their goals, whether dance becomes a lifelong profession, a reconnection from previous training, or simply a personal journey to a new level of physical and artistic awareness.

Classes are grouped by age and ability, which allows our specialized staff to help students become the strongest dancers they can be. We believe that a combination of solid technique, fresh ideas and fun provides a balance that inspires our dancers to realize their creative potential. Our performances routinely incorporate some of the students’ own choreography, costuming and staging ideas.

We are fortunate to have a staff of extremely talented teachers who specialize in many different styles of dance. Thanks to them, our curriculum is broad ranging and of exceptionally high quality.

In two spacious studios, with raised floors and expansive viewing windows, our students learn to explore the magical world of dance – perhaps through the eyes of a fairy princess or a swashbuckling pirate. And while some will inevitably become better technicians than others, all are capable of learning to be the best they can be.

After all, even though dance is performed by the body, it emerges first from the soul.